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A Sunlit House

I wonder if anyone has created a mirror system for lighting their house with sunlight. Imagine a channel in your roof that brought in sunlight. It would be somewhat like a normal skylight, but it would divert the light throughout the entire house through a series of mirrors that bounced the light down into each room like a “light vent.”

I’ve seen various heliostats, such as the Wikoda Sunflower that can automatically track the sun in order to deflect its light to a particular location. It seems you could put one of those on your roof to maximize the amount of sunlight that would enter your main lightway.

Update: It looks like researchers at the University of Cincinnati have been working on this for several years.

Windows ME: Impenetrable

Warfield O’ Lantern

Climb In, Tune In: A Renaissance for Sensory Deprivation Tanks

NORTHGLENN, Colo. — The capsule was small and dark and the water smelled a bit like a used gym sock, but Caleb Preuss, 28, climbed in anyway, lying supine in a bath of saline. Once he was inside, the stabbing back pain that had dogged him for months disappeared almost immediately.

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Reinventing the Library

Plato, in the “Timaeus,” says that when one of the wisest men of Greece, the statesman Solon, visited Egypt, he was told by an old priest that the Greeks were like mere children because they possessed no truly ancient traditions or notions “gray with time.

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JorgeSoler68 at October 22, 2015 at 12:12AM

Watch all the videos from this year’s Reformed Forum Theology Conference using this YouTube playlist.

Reformed Forum at Dinner

Is Academe a Cult?

During graduate school, a friend of mine had a recurring dream about our shared adviser as a charismatic leader who required devotion and obedience while also meting out punishment. All of his advisees followed his words as if they were holy writ, and we even wore robes.

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Poor Prose Is Poor Theology

Pierce Taylor Hibbs writes another great post. This one is on the importance of clear writing for conveying theology.

As a writing instructor, I do my best to resist the urge to gripe about poor prose, but I’m especially irked by turbid theology in print–and even more so when a top publishing company has seen fit to endorse it.

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