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Month: December 2015

Hans Urs von Balthasar on Busyness

Many, not to say most, within this technical world, have capitulated interiorly by giving up prayer. The Christians who are determined to persevere in it groan under the too great burden of external demands made on them if they want to compete with others who neither have nor allow time for prayer and thought. A synthesis between prayer and godless over-activity, between interior culture demanding a world of silence and external rush and ever increasing speed, is more and more becoming an extraordinary attainment of the heroic few, and even so only for a limited time; it seems an impossible demand to make on a larger number of people. (GQ, 57; Quoted in Oakes, Pattern of Redemption, 170)

Guide to Pronunciation of Koine Greek

Take a look at John A. L. Lee’s guide to pronouncing Koine greek. It’s quite a bit different from what many people learn in seminary.

Trump Is a Little Too Excited for the New Star Wars Movie

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