Send Audio from the Web to Your Own Personal Podcast Using Huffduffer

Have you ever stumbled across a piece of audio online that you’d like to listen to later? Perhaps a friend messaged a podcast episode or news report to you, but you weren’t in a position to listen to it at the moment. You need Huffduffer.

Huffduffer lets you bookmark an audio file and thereby send it to a personalized podcast feed. All you need to do is subscribe to your personalized feed using your podcast app of choice. Whatever you bookmark will automagically arrive on your device.

I’ve been using this service for years. It’s great for those one-off podcast episodes you want to hear, but don’t want to subscribe to the entire feed. Or perhaps it’s a lecture posted with no accompanying feed. Whatever the case, Huffduffer solves the problem.

About a year ago, I learned of Huffduff video, does the same thing, but strips the audio from YouTube videos. Say you found a riveting video interview, but you’d rather listen to it while out on your long run. Just open the YouTube video, and hit the bookmarklet. It will extract the audio and allow you to add it to your Huffduffer feed. Brilliant.


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