Touring Nick Offerman’s Wood Shop

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor visits Nick Offerman in Los Angeles to tour the comedian’s woodworking shop. I particularly enjoy the host’s lack of a sense for Offerman’s humor.

Reading Rundown

Camden runs through many of the books he’s read in the last few months.

My Dog Is Hearing Things

Our cairn terrier, Warfield, has always had a tenuous relationship with garbage trucks and school buses. It took a few years, but I believe I finally isolated the problem. It has something to do with the sound frequencies produced by…
Camden on the couch, Facebook live session

Facebook Live Session

I jumped onto Facebook for a live session in order to test out the Blackmagic Design Web Presenter. I’m getting ready for the Reformed Forum Conference in October and wanted to run some new gear through its paces.
Rochefort Beers

Rochefort 10 Triumphs Again

My friend Craig has heard me talking about Belgian beer and homebrewing for some time. While living in Philadelphia, I developed into a bit of a beer snob. Having been exposed to a wide array of beer styles, I homed…
Amazon Author Page

My Amazon Author Page Is Live

I was mildly surprised to see my forthcoming book Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah: A 12-Week Study (Crossway) available for pre-order on Amazon. A while back, a friend of mine told me about setting up an Amazon author page. After a little digging…

The Secure Origins of Zcash

Radiolab featured an interesting story on the origin of Zcash, a cryptocurrency focused on providing secure and private transactions. I was more than a little amused at the lengths to which the creators went to secure the original cryptographic key.…

The Mystery Wine

Aaron tells of his Italian adventures, including the mystery wine he discovered in Naples that made its way into our glasses.
Mike Piazza

I Hate the Number 31

Camden speaks with his friends Aaron and Katy about his hangups with certain numbers, which leads them into a discussion of psychological phenomena. Dr. Katy Hisrich is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Governor State University. Aaron and Camden are unqualified to…

Colossians 1:28–29

Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.


No Uncertain Sound
Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah: A 12-Week Study