Elkhart Lake Triathlon 2016

I’m Registered for the Elkhart Lake Triathlon

I finally registered for my first triathlon. It’s an Olympic distance race, which means a 1500 meter swim, 24.9 mile bike ride, and a 6.2 mile run. Bring it on.

Looking at Running Dynamics

I’ve been looking into the running dynamics data my HRM-Tri reports. I ran 7 miles today on my usual route. My pace or cadence didn’t seem to be anything unusual for me. My average stride length was 1.26m. I don’t know whether…
Adam Grant, Originals

Life Lesson: You Should Probably Avoid Working with IE Users

I’ve always enjoyed digging around data. Sometimes you find unusual correlations. I came across such an anecdote reading Adam Grant’s Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World: Not long ago, economist Michael Housman was leading a project to figure out why some…

Training 2016–03–25

I had a nice moderate workout on the bike training for an hour. I finally finished You Are an Ironman while on the bike and watched a little of Daredevil season two on Netflix. What will I do when I’m…

Triathlon Reading

I’m almost through Jacques Steinberg’s You Are an Ironman, which details the stories of six age groupers seeking to finish Ironman Arizona. It’s inspiring.
Swimming 2016-03-24

Starting the Day Off Swimmingly

5:11am — I’m getting ready to head to the pool for a workout. The schedule calls for 30–45 minutes of technique work. Afterward, I’ll hit the weights to work on arms, shoulders, and possibly a set or two on legs.…
Bike Trainer 2016-03-23

Turbo Training Day

This is the first week of my official triathlon training plan. I’ve been training for triathlon for a couple of months, but this week I began a plan leading up to my triathlon in Lake Elkhart, Wisconsin on June 11.…
2016-03-22 Garmin run

Data Mania

I recently found a used-like new Garmin Fenix 3 watch. This amazing device is logging all sorts of crazy data. Along with my external sensors, such as the heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor on my bike, it logs data from a…

Famous Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Here’s a classic post from Maria Popova at Brain Pickings. Journaling, I believe, is a practice that teaches us better than any other the elusive art of solitude — how to be present with our own selves, bear witness to…

David Foster Wallace on Argumentative Writing and Nonfiction

In December 2004, Bryan A. Garner, who had already struck up a friendship with David Foster Wallace, started interviewing state and federal judges as well as a few key writers. With over a hundred interviews under his belt by January…

Colossians 1:28–29

Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.


No Uncertain Sound
Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah: A 12-Week Study