The Power of Pamphlets

Camden and Erica speak about their recent family trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan where, among other things, they visited Zingerman’s Deli. This unique experience opened a world of conversation about business philosophy, branding, and powerful ways to communicate your message.

They explore the company’s innovative marketing tactics, such as publishing books, newsletters, and even pamphlets on various subjects to engage their customer base. Tune in to discover how Zingerman’s has redefined community business and what you can learn to apply in your own venture.


  • [0:03] Introduction
  • [1:22] Zingerman’s Delicatessen
  • [6:58] The First Experience
  • [13:32] A Unified Philosophy of Business
  • [17:31] The Quote of the Episode
  • [18:11] The Power of Pamphlets
  • [22:17] Transcending Your Products
  • [23:55] The Value of Print Today
  • [32:10] Conclusion

Takeaways and Discussion Points

Community-Centric Business Model: Zingerman’s Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan grew to become the Zingerman Community of Businesses (ZCoB). This not only diversifies their portfolio but also strengthens their brand. A community-centric approach can lead to more loyal customers and a more robust brand image.

Philosophy of Excellence: The episode highlights Zingerman’s commitment to delivering excellent food and service. A strong philosophy that prioritizes customer satisfaction can be a significant differentiator in any industry.

Innovative Marketing: Zingerman’s makes use of various forms of content, like books, newsletters, and pamphlets, to engage their audience and deliver a clear and consistent message. This multi-channel approach to marketing can be very effective in reaching a broader audience while providing value.



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